We Daruma Audio is a creative audio production studio based in Togliatti, Russia – specializing in creating music and sound design for explainer videos, broadcast network, mapping show, gaming and mobile applications.

Our ability to work from a distance and communicate ideas effectively allows us to not be bound by borders or by time-zones.

Studios / Agencies

Toongoose, Thinkmojo, Swell, Skilz, SmartNewSolutions, Playd, Red Keds, Illuminarium3000, Looi, LBL communication group, Wargaming, Gre-Gor, Nord Collective, MOST Creative Club, MADPIXEL, PA Project, Stir, Hype Production, SNS Digital, Papaton, Wonderlust, Looksery


Bookmate, Jonson & Johnson, Acronis, Lexus, Adidas, Sberbank, IBM, Yota Devices, Kaspersky Lab, Yandex, Aprenita, Luxoft, Innopolis, PhRMA, Youcaring, Microsoft, LitBit, Toyota, Samsung, Twitter, McDonald’s, Hewlett-Packard, Snapchat